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.United We Stand.

.Divided We Fall.

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George W. Bush

-He cheated his way to being our President. Al Gore received 539,898 more votes than Bush and of course most of those votes were lost in our Sunshine State of Florida due to Jeb Bush and Kathrine Harris. Long story short they pulled some strings so George would win Florida.

-The first thing he did in office is cut major funds from: Pediatric training for doctors, The Boys and Girls clubs of America, Work force training programs, The Childcare and Development grant, Public housing repairs, Environmental Protection Agency, and more. In the list I give you alone he cut a total of $1,695,000,000. Excuse me for saying this but, THAT'S A LOAD OF FUCKING MONEY!

-George did not listen to any of the terrorist threats about crashing planes into buildings. Instead he went Golfing and played Cowboy at his ranch in Texas. While he spent his first months in office dicking around, terrorist were in our country learning to become pilots so they could soon crash planes into our buildings and kill our people. If he would have taken his job seriously for once maybe he could have stopped it.

-After 9/11 we waited two months to go after Osama bin Laden. You see, Bush is friends with the bin Laden family. How would that look if we caught a person his friends are related to? Not good. Especially when they have over $4 trillion invested in America. If they ever pulled out of the bank accounts in America we would probably sink into one of the deepest economic depressions EVER! So we gave Osoma a 2 month head start. But just to show the American people that he was doing something productive, Bush took over Afghanistan and put his Saudi friends in-charge. Than he went on to say "You know, I don't know where Osoma is, and honestly I don't care." What!?!?! This is the same man that was behind the deaths of over 3000 people on 9/11 and suddenly you don't care? WTF man?

-Now with the U.S.A. Patriot Act, the men in black can burst through the door and take all your things with out even showing a warrant. They can also tap your phone, go through all your personal records, monitor your use of the internet and search your home when ever they want without reason, all they need is the O.K. from General John Ashcroft, the man who created the act. Why did he do this? Because you might be a terrorist! You think because you live in America, "the land of the free", you can have your own privacy? No way! You must be a dumb ass! You only have one adminastration to blame for this invasion of privacy: The Bush Adminastration!

-There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq! However the U.S. Army is over there taking the lives of thousands of innocent people, People that don't even live anywhere near Military Bases! So far they have killed almost 10,000 civilians. Thanks to Bush, the Army is still there and still killing.

-His tax cuts and health care plans suck. In our country the middle class is stolen from and ignored, the rich get richer, and the poor are laughed at. It seems as if the man or any of his friends just don't care. They walk around with everything in the world while your "Average Joe " can't even afford to get a 2 by 4 removed from his head.

-He also promised jobs for Americans. That was bullshit. I have never seen so many struggling families in my life.

One way or another, these issues effect you. Only you can change it. You have to spread the word. You sitting in your home, saying to yourself how much you don't like this man, while he attempts to give a speech on television is not doing anything. You have to get out there and tell the people what's going. We live in one of the most uninformed countries ever and that's because our freedom to tell the truth is being taken away and people feel helpless against anything that says BUSH on it. VOTE! PROTEST! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY!

This community is here for anything against anyone in The Bush Adminastration.
Post about JOKES, PROTESTS, NEWS, OPINIONS, SHOWS, BOOKS, FILMS and almost anything of that sort. Florida will not be handed away in this 2004 election!

-Zack Jones