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Hello... [Jul. 26th, 2006|01:12 am]


My brother died last month in a motorcycle accident.
Sign this petition if you feel you can. It's my mother's. I, on top of promoting the petition am working on a local (I'm in college so this is all I can do for now) highschool-to-highschool lecture on safety involving motorcycles, for drivers and future riders. This is NOT anti-motorcycle or anti-freedom, it's pro-safety. We do not believe that motorcycles should be abolished, because that would dishonor my brother's love of riding...

But this petition....
It's for reinstating the Helmet law in Florida... Jeb Bush let it get overtuned but at the same time a law was passed about wearing seat-belts. Let's be fair, shall we? If I'm in my car, surrounded by steel, and have to wear a belt to keep my body from being hurled out of it, then how come a biker (motorcyclist or bicycler) can go the same speeds, with nothing holding them on the bike, and in the same likeness of a crash, can be projected from that bike and not have to somehow protect themselves?

After my brother's accident we decided to do something, if anything. The numbers that are included in the petition are amazing... It's unbelievable (well it IS believable, but for points-sake) how much the death rate in Florida has risen since the helmet law was over-turned.


My brother was wearing a helmet and although it didn't save him, his helmet was the only reason why we were able to donate his organs. Otherwise he would have been dead as soon as he hit the ground - and we never would have been able to live after identifying his skull in pieces. Thankfully, although beat up, because of his helmet we were able to kiss his pretty face before they cut off the machines. Helmets save lives. It didn't save my brother's life, but others may be more fortunate and have been more fortunate and lived because of their helmet. Please take the time to sign this petition. It takes like, 23 seconds.

If you do not agree with me on helmet laws, about how it infringes your rights to freedom and what-have-you, or whyever you do not agree with me, just simply go on by. In less than 3 hours I got over 60 replies all telling me that I was wrong, I've heard all the arguments, so spare me.
Either read this and sign the petition, or call me a stupid moron in your head and save your fingers from trying to change my mind.